December 4th, 2009

ITP takes over Benelli Oil & Gas in Ravenna (formerly Benelli Ravenna SpA)
Further to this acquisition, 45 highly skilled engineers and technicians are joining the ITP Group. 35.000 sq ft of additional under crane fabrication area, 35.000 sq ft. of additional open yard and 100.000 sq ft of marine yard on the Adria coast for shipping of heavy load equipment will be added to ITP Group’ production facilities.

Benelli Oil & Gas can rely on 35 years experience in EPC and EP contracts for oil & gas processing facilities including oil and gas treatment plants, compression stations, dehydration packages, PSA units, metering trains, well head control panels, fuel gas conditioning skids and filtration systems on behalf of clients like UOP, Shell, BP, Saudi Aramco, Chyoda, Daewoo, Hyundai. JGC, Petrofac.