ITP Group provides design, fabrication and installation of process plants, packages and specialized equipment for the oil and gas industry as well as projects on EPC basis. ITP Group is dedicated to providing first class and effective  products around the globe.  With main production facilities in Kilgore (Texas),  Moscazzano, Cassina De Pecchi and Ravenna (Italy), and an engineering, commercial and management office operating in Brno (Czech Rep.) —  ITP Group stands astride the globe with unsurpassed project  management expertise and technical skills to completely satisfy the demands of emerging and mature markets alike.
Established in 2001, ITP Group took over 100% of the capital stock of FATA Engineering, a subsidiary of the Italian state-owned Finmeccanica holding in 2005, mainly focused on the Russian market. Then, in 2007, ITP acquired Surface Equipment Corporation, a US manufacturer of ASME Code pressure vessels for the Oil and Gas industry, — holding both ASME and Chinese SQL fabrication licenses — and Vignati Fitting a valve manufacturing factory 40 km from Milan.
Continuing to grow in capacity and international respect, in 2010 ITP acquired 100% of, and merged with Benelli Oil & Gas (formerly Benelli Ravenna SpA). Also joining the team, ITP Group Brno D.O.O., registered in the Czech Republic in 2010.

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